Pyle 3D PSBV200BT Soundbar Review

Best Soundbar Under 250 Top Three Picks

Best Wireless Subwoofers Under $150: VIZIO SB2821- D6 Soundbar at Amazon Enjoy Digital Sound System Just Under $150

Best Budget Soundbar Under $200 : Yamaha YAS-108 at Amazon If you are looking for one deal then I recommend it to you. This is equipped with 3D Sound system

Best Two Channel System Soundbar : Wohome S9920 at Amazon Enjoy Rich and Clear quality sound just under $200

Talking about flat-screen televisions, it is no surprise that their built-in speakers are nothing short of a disappointment.

You are a simple person who wants to sit home and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon watching television. So, is a decent sound quality for your TV shows really that much to ask for?

Best Soundbar Under 250 Comparison Table 2023

1) Samsung HW J355 Soundbar Review

Samsung HW J355 Soundbar Review

Samsung, as a brand, has made sure that everyone knows who they are. They are a household brand, and you feel like they would make a safe choice. So when it comes to buying a budget soundbar why not choose someone you know and trust?

We completely agree with you and that is why we have reviewed this product for you.

The Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar too comes with Subwoofers much like our VIZIO SB2821-D6 with the difference being that it’s wired. However, not to worry for you can wirelessly connect the soundbar to the compatible Samsung TV soundbar and other devices with the help of Bluetooth.

So you get not just a soundbar but a speaker bar for tv as well. Do you want to listen to a song on Spotify? Connect it to your phone or tablet and get immersed in the music.

Main Features of Samsung HW J355 Soundbar

  • Talk about a steal! HW-J355 also allows you to control its settings with the help of Samsung Audio Remote app on your cellphones. Have you not sold yet?
  • Let us tell you that this incredible soundbar comes equipped with what Samsung likes to call 3D Sound Plus. What this does is create a surround sound effect using some sonic tricks.
  • Truth be told, you might notice anything new or different, but when you are watching your favourite sitcoms, you’ll see how crisp and clear the dialogues sound.
  • That is due to the precise voice technology which is designed to pick out human voices. This technology goes the extra mile to render the voices accurately. So no more complaining that you couldn’t hear what your favourite character just said!
  • In summary, this is a very basic soundbar. Unlike the more advanced models, you do not get any extra features. It is just a cheap and straightforward soundbar that will improve the audio quality of your flatscreen television.
  • Remote controlled
  • Reasonably priced against features it offers i.e. you can get it under $300.
  • Crisper dialogue quality
  • Bluetooth soundbar
  • Wired subwoofers
  • Very simple and basic soundbar

2) Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Review

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Review

As far as soundbars go, the Bose Solo 5 is easily one of the most compact sound systems you can come across. This Bose soundbar is designed for people who feel like they do not possess enough space for one.

Let us talk about its design. This Small soundbar for 22 tv is simplistic. One can easily place it under their TV set or on the wall without much of a hassle. Other than that, there are no unnecessary buttons or switches to complicate things.

It has a black grille to the front and black plastic to the top and sides, which keeps it light but also well-built.Two drivers are placed behind the grille, at the centre of the system and angled in a way to provide a full sound field.

LED indicators are also positioned to let the user know when specific functions are in use or when one increases or decreases the volume.

Main Features Of Bose Solo 5 Soundbar

  • This quality soundbar is controlled by a universal remote, which is half the size of the system but double the functions, since it can be used as a universal remote for one’s TV, Blu-ray player and any other infrared device.
  • Bose Solo 5’s price delivers what you expect from that price range when it comes to connectivity, which includes optical, coaxial and auxiliary inputs along with in-built Bluetooth to stream music.
  • Overall, using this device is pretty simple. With no new sound or equaliser settings, the Bose Solo 5 is a plug-and-play.
  • With 55cm long and 7cm tall, it is easy to place in under a TV set or on a wall, as mentioned earlier. But the system’s compact design, while being one of its more significant advantages, is also one of its shortcomings.
  • The size of one’s TV set will significantly affect the sound system. A smaller TV set is more likely to enjoy its features compared to a larger one. And even with a lighter build, it still lacks in terms of bass. So, one might lose out on experiencing the proper sound effects of an explosion or action sequences.
  • The Bose Solo 5 is a viable option if one wants to boost the sound experience of a relatively smaller TV. But if the TV set is more extensive, then there are better options available.
  • Well-built and best-looking
  • The sound quality is also better than most TV speakers.
  • Pricing is reasonable considering that the company is Bose.
  • Falls a bit behind in terms of sound quality.

3) VIZIO SB-2920-C6 Soundbar Review

VIZIO SB2920-C6 Soundbar Review

The very first thing that you get to notice about the SB2920 is its compact size. With just 29″, it is an excellent add-on to any TV setup. Although compact in size, the VIZIO SB2920 has impressive sound quality. With in-built Bluetooth,

it gives an option to stream audio from mobile devices and providing an opportunity to use the system without the hassle of wires.

Apart from 2.5” drivers that provide full-range sound quality, the VIZIO DB2920 also has a soundbar with subwoofer output at the rear end, which allows one to connect to an external subwoofer for an added bass.

Not only is this system well-equipped for external connections with USB, 3.5mm, stereo RCA, digital optical and coaxial inputs, it also has an option to connect multiple devices to it at once.

It also comes with remote control and mounting hardware in case one wants to mount the device on the wall. And it also has buttons for menu, power, and volume, which come in handy when the remote is not working.

Main Features Of VIZIO SB-2920-C6 Soundbar

  • Looking at the design, the system is extra flexible, and according to what the user wants, he or she can easily install it on a tabletop or mounted on the wall. As far as the price goes, it is evident that most efforts have been put into ensuring high-quality audio.
  • Moving on to the audio, the C6 plays at a very impressive 95dB, with no distortion to the sound even at the maximum. Overall, the system has high-quality audio, with the bass not only providing clarity but also does not overpower the tracks.
  • This soundbar, with its unique feature of the DTS TruVolume, is really well-suited for those who are looking for best soundbar for 32 inch tv that provide clarity in dialogues while watching movies and minimises the distractions in fluctuating volumes.
  • With this sound system, one can hear the dialogues clearly, without having to deal with the overpowering of the noise of explosions and actions sequences in movies.
  • It not only adjusts the audio accordingly but also maintains that set volume throughout. Overall, the C6 ensures an immersive sound experience along with excellent designing.
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • Virtual surround technology for a multi-channel experience
  • High volume level for thunderous music without any distortion
  • Does not have a wireless subwoofer
  • Separate power on for the soundbar

4) Amazon Basics Soundbar Review

Amazon Basics Soundbar Review

The Amazon Basics 2.1 Soundbar under $100 is very basic in nature, as the name very much suggests. It lives up to its name and does what it actually promises to do.

The Amazon Basics 2.1 Soundbar is a 31-inch soundbar priced under 100. It has a left and a right speaker along with a subwoofer. The subwoofer isn’t external in nature, but instead comes built in. The subwoofer is 2.7 inches and downward-firing.

Main Features Of AmazonBasics Soundbar

  • At under $100 this soundbar comes with a few features that cannot be found in soundbars of this price range. Amazon even provides the needed hardware in the box itself if you wish to wall mount your soundbar.
  • You can find physical controls on top of the soundbar itself in case you do not wish to use the remote. Talking about the remote, it does what it is supposed to do. It has the buttons to control the switch inputs and for adjusting the playback.
  • The Bluetooth input button is bigger than the other buttons and kind of stands out; a very minor detail in terms of appearance. Amazon provides a few AAA batteries for the remote, so good job Amazon!
  • Input options include optical, RCA, 3.5mm aux, and Bluetooth 2.1. No HDMI is provided, but for this price range, you wouldn’t find it in other models either.
  • This inexpensive soundbar also comes with three EQ presets which are Movie, News, and Standard. The movie preset is the only EQ which provides proper bass. The Standard mode is also decent, but the News mode just seems bassless.
  • The stereo quality is better than the television any given day. So it just goes to show that investing in a soundbar, a cost even as low as $99, will definitely improve your TV’s sound quality by a considerable margin.
  • In short, this soundbar is what you’d expect for $99. It’s basic and does the job it is supposed to; make your TV sound better. It wouldn’t change your life, but it will surely make you notice the difference a soundbar can make.
  • Three additional EQs.
  • Comes with built-in subwoofer
  • Cheap
  • Power cord plug too big

5) VIZIO SB2821- D6 Soundbar Review

VIZIO SB2821- D6 Soundbar Review

Speaking of 2.1 soundbars under 200, VIZIO might not be very well known, but it has started creating a buzz all thanks to its incredibly durable and high-quality products that provide you with superior sound quality.

The SB2821-D6 soundbar comes at a pretty decent cost under $150. Compared to its counterparts it is a reasonable choice. The SB2821-D6 comes with a separate wireless subwoofer that gives your audio just the push it needs.

You might consider going for a cheaper model, but the wireless woofers give you an experience that a more affordable model would not be able to live up to.

The wireless subwoofers provide you with a deeper bass sound which is ideal for enjoying a movie day or night. You can hear everything from the low rumbles to the bass aspects of the song or the movie you are enjoying.

If you are someone who is into metal music or just enjoying watching your action-packed film, you will absolutely love the experience this soundbar hasin store for you. You will feel immersed in your surrounding as you explore the vibrations of the audio.

Not only can you connect these wireless subwoofers to your television but also your cellphones and tablets because you deserve quality audio regardless of whatever medium of entertainment you use.

To add to the list of positives, the SB2821-D6 comes with a bar of LEDs on the side that indicates the volume level. It is equipped with Dolby Digital sound and DTS TruSurround, so there’s no doubt that you’re in good hands.

The SB2821-D6 provides high-quality audio for its price range. However, this product suffers from some setup issues and doesn’t come with a remote control either.

Main Features of VIZIO SB2821- D6 Soundbar

  • There is a 28 inch, 2.1-channel sound bar
  • There is Wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth streaming available
  • Sound pressure level is around 95 dB
  • The system frequency is around 50Hz-19kHz
  • Other specs are DTS Studio Sound, DTS TruVolume and DTS TruSurround
  • This includes sound bar, wireless subwoofer, a remote, a 5’ RCA to 3.5mm stereo audio cable which makes it a great option.
  • You can also find the Quick Start Guide, 8′ sound bar power cable and 4′ subwoofer power cable with it.
  • The best product in its price range.
  • Superior quality wireless subwoofers
  • You can get them just under 150
  • Reports of problems with setup

6) Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar Review

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar Review

Looking for a quality soundbar that is cheap and comes with a subwoofer? Then the Yamaha YAS-180 should not be dismissed. No doubt in the fact that it is one of the better choices when it comes to entry-level, budget soundbars. Buying this soundbar won’t be a decision you would regret. The DTS Virtual:X technology provides an enveloping sound experience.

The YAS-108 is compatible with an intense 4K Ultra HD. The YAS-108 will support 4K pass-through with HDCP 2.2, 4:4:4 colour, and HDR10 and HLG HDR HDRstandards. The YAS-108 however, doesn’t support HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

Main Features Of Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar

  • Not only does this soundbar make your TV sound better but it also gives it a great look. It is just slim enough to fit in front of your TV and provide you with premium sound quality thanks to its built-in subwoofers and virtual 3D surround sound under 200.
  • The YAS- 108 has a transparent voice mode which makes the dialogue delivery and narration crystal clear. The overall sound remains intact, and you get delivered a sound quality which is rich and deep with bass.
  • The Yamaha soundbar can be paired with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. You can also connect it to your Amazon Echo.
  • If you’re looking for an entry-level, basic soundbar, which won’t cause you to skip your meal in order to afford premium sound quality for your TV, the YAS-108 should definitely be on your list.
  • Brilliant sound quality and dialogue clarity for a basic soundbar
  • You can connect it with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • DTS Virtual:X support
  • You can get it under $200
  • No support for Yamaha’s Music Cast multi-room audio technology
  • Requires a subwoofer for more in-depth bass notes

7) VIZIO SB3821-C6 38 inch Soundbar Review

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38 inch Soundbar Review

The VIZIO 38″ 2.1-Channel Soundbar Speaker System offers powerful bass performance and virtual surround sound. This 2.1-channel best cheap tv speakers system features two full-range drivers, along with a wireless subwoofer for low bass impact.

Bluetooth is built-in to the soundbar for streaming wireless audio from devices like smartphones and MP3 players.

Main Features Of VIZIO SB3821-C6 Soundbar

  • This VIZIO soundbar system has got USB, 3.5mm, stereo RCA, digital optical and coaxial inputs solutions to link with several external devices. The WAV audio files are also supported and for simple connectivity, they have opted for the digital coaxial and optical cables
  • You can easily control the activities of the soundbar using the remote control system provided along with it. It will help you to understand simple operations quickly.
  • The VIZIO SB3821-C6 offers an amazing100dB sound system through its wireless 2.1-channel soundbar. There are powerful wireless subwoofer holds up an exceptional quality of improved sound that makes you dismayed when you listen to it.
  • This soundbar is 38-inches tall and wall-mountable. Do not worry about the Bluetooth connectivity as it is pretty fast with this. The price of the VIZIO SB3821-C6 is around 200 dollars. It is worth paying for such a quality output.
  • It is decently priced deal
  • Bluetooth connectivity is pretty fast
  • This has got the robust wireless subwoofer
  • It offers no HDMI output
  • The bass response is average

8) Wohome S9920 Soundbar Review

Wohome S9920 Soundbar Review

This 40 inches long, two-channel system soundbar is the ultimate soundbar system out there. It will fulfil every desire that you have and every expectation that you have from your soundbar. Do you want to connect your soundbar to Bluetooth? Done.

You get your Bluetooth soundbar. Do you want to wall mount it? You can do that. Want built-in subwoofers that will provide in-depth, quality bass? Check and check. This absolutely terrific soundbar is capable of producing 80 Watts of audio output from its inbuilt six drivers.

Main Features Of Wohome S9920 Soundbar

  • It is suitable for TV screens between 40 and 60-inches. Talking about its operation, it is not rocket science. It is simple. You can control the Soundbar with the help of the remote provided or with the help of the buttons on the soundbar.
  • You can perform necessary functions like turning the soundbar on/off, adjust volume levels, and play, pause or mute
  • The four 15 Watts dynamic speakers under 200 can be found within the soundbar body along with two 10 watt tweeters and two bass reflex tubes. The tweeters help with the treble range. Though the bass reflex tubes do not replace the functions of a subwoofer under 200, they do help improve the sound quality.
  • The Only Downside of this Soundbar
  • Unfortunately, the Wohome soundbar does not work with the universal television remotes but only with its own Wohome remote.
  • The Wohome TV soundbar supports four different sound modes for movies, news and music. Furthermore, you get one year warranty and a 45 days money back guarantee if you feel unsatisfied with the product. You also get lifetime technical support.
  • Wohome soundbar knows what it is trying to do. They are not pretending to be like the high end $1500 soundbars. They’re merely trying to be the best in the given price range, and they aren’t failing at that.
  • Rich and clear sound quality
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • A subwoofer cannot be connected

9) Pyle 3D PSBV200BT Soundbar Review

Pyle 3D PSBV200BT Soundbar Review

Pyle audio has always been renowned as one of the top companies when it comes to trust and quality of the devices they produce. In recent years, Pyle spread into a lot of countries all across the globe, trying to earn their names.

It has been continually thriving to impress the music enthusiasts who have observed the audio scenario of all other competing companies.

This had led to the production of more versatile and enhanced quality Bluetooth device in the market over time. Here is how, Pyle came up with the concept and lately, the latest best budget soundbar, the PSBV200BT (V200).

Main Features Of Pyle 3D PSBV200BT Soundbar

  • There is a 2.1 sound system with the V200. A 3D processing system is a new innovation which will outshine other similar devices. With the exclusive sound quality.
  • it is making promises to make you are surrounding a unique ambience filled with entertainment and fun. V200 testing is successfully rooted in cars’ audio systems. It is now spreading its magic all over different houses.
  • The packaging looks very close to the old day packagings where there used to be electronic boxes like the minimalistic cardboard boxes. After you pull out the contents inside the box, you will see two plastic bags of accessories.
  • Those accessories include a 3.5 mm cable, a quick-start instruction manual, a small remote control with batteries and a power supply cable.


The frame and design of the V200 are complementing with the gloss-black plastic front panel. The model has got a matte black finish and looks apprehensive.

You will quickly notice a set of onboard controls in the square-shaped command centre which is again located between the four main drivers of the unit. You can get to see a blue backlit display, along with USB and SD card inputs.

As soon as you press the power button on, the sound created is simply from another world as you get the experience of controlling some spaceship in a sci-fi movie. Yes, the experience is overpowering. There is convenient navigation with the help of the V200’s row of silver keys.

The input and standby controls are fairly good and convenient. You can find out three multifunction buttons there. They have certain secondary functions. When you explore them, you will get to know about it.

The two search keys associated with its navigation, control the volume of the system and the other one, known as the “pause or play” button is used to control the speaker phone function.

There are several such minute features in the V200. You can find it out while exploring your remote control. Some of the features on the remote control are bass and treble control, activation of the ‘3D’ sound processing feature, controls for FM radio, etc.

There is a one-inch tweeter at the far end of the drivers of V200. Besides that, you will also notice two 2-inch midrange drivers located at the edges of the centre console.

The system has a 5.25-inch subwoofer which is located over a hole and covered by a cloth screen. A small portion is present in the black panel which is linked to the power cable of V200.

The cost of the PSBV200BT is approximately $135. Isn’t it a great, best affordable soundbar deal for the home theatre? We believe it is. We had some entertaining moments while using the V200 for the multimedia purpose.


Therefore,if you are thinking to buy a cheap soundbar that is also amongst the best soundbar then, the V200 is just the right option for you. Else, you can have a look into any one of the other nine soundbars which we have suggested here.

  • Affordable
  • Fairly impressive “3D” virtual surround processor
  • Robust bass
  • Crisp treble
  • Quite poor Bluetooth audio quality
  • The treble can be sharp at times

As much as you would like to install a surround sound system, it would not necessarily be the most significant thing for your pocket at a given moment, or it just might be too soon to make that move. Enter the soundbar to save your day (and your money).

A soundbar might not solve your life problems, but it sure will give your songs, movies and TV shows the sound quality they deserve. A soundbar is to your television what peanut butter is to the jelly sandwich, the perfect combination.

We’ve provided you with our personal choices, but if you’re still thinking, “My TV sounds fine. Do I really need a soundbar?” Allow us to be the ones who change your mind.

Consider our word for it and leap of faith. You think that your TV sounds fine because you haven’t experienced the audio quality of a soundbar yet! Trust us, and there will be no going back. Luxury has come at a reasonable price, so what are you still waiting for?

With time, much like most things around us, our television sets have gotten slimmer too. Due to this slimming, not a lot of space is available for the speaker drivers to be put in, as a result of which the sound quality has deteriorated.

The TV speakers are incapable of reproducing deep, low, bass sounds. What is worse is that most speakers don’t even point towards you resulting in the sound quality being muffled and tinny. You deserve better than this. So why not indulge in a soundbar?

Now, we understand how overwhelming choosing anything can be. So we’ve done your work for you. Here’s a list of the best soundbars under $200 available in the market right now from which you can choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a soundbar better than speakers?

Well, the answer is, YES. A soundbar is better than a speaker. This is for multiple reasons. Believe it or not, but you’ll be able to find a soundbar system for way cheaper than a speaker set. A complete 5.1 speaker set would set you back by a significant amount. Moreover, if you’re someone who cares about the looks of your setup, a soundbar would look way better than a full-fledged speaker set. Also, a soundbar is more comfortable to set up.

What size soundbar is best suited for a 55 inch TV?

Depending on your budget, choosing the best soundbar for a 55 inch TV isn’t a task. VIZIO again wins this fight for it offers multiple inexpensive and best soundbars in the current market. The Bose soundbar, Bose Solo 5 TV can be considered if you wish to go for a dedicated and known brand.

Which is the best soundbar to buy?

The best soundbar to buy would depend on two crucial factors. One is your budget and second is your TV size. We would, however, choose VIZIO SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 Channel Soundbar from our list.

What does “channel” mean when talking about a soundbar?

A soundbar channel means the soundbar has that many drivers. For example, a 2-channel soundbar has two drivers, right and left. A 3-channel soundbar would have three, left, right and centre and a 5-channel soundbar have five. A five channel soundbar uses full five bandwidth channels.

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