Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam Review

Choosing a webcam under a budget is not quite easy. People often think that because they are on a budget, they have to compromise on quality, but that’s not true. Many webcam options offer great specs and quality even on a budget—all it takes is a great deal of research.

Before you choose your webcam, understand what you need the webcam for and what are the things that you wish to obtain from the webcam. Here below, we have put together some of the best webcams for you under $50. Let’s get right to it.

Best Webcam under 50 Dollars Comparison Table 2023

1) Auto Focus Full HD Webcam 1080p Review

AutoFocus Full HD Webcam 1080p Review

The Autofocus Full HD webcam 1080p is by a brand called EACH. Before we talk about resolution and autofocus, let’s talk about looks. This webcam has a great build, and it has an excellent stylish look. It also comes with a privacy cover that you can slide on when not in use to protect not only your privacy but also your webcam’s lens.

Now let’s get to the resolution and autofocus. It has a great resolution of 1080p at a frame rate of 30 fps. It also comes with a Full HD 6-layer coating lens. Together you get videos and images with high quality and clarity. Its real-time autofocus works pretty well and enables the webcam to capture HD videos with an eye for details.

Its wide-angle lens feature makes sure to capture every detail in your video and your surroundings. Some users like the wide-angle, while others are not very comfortable with the wide-angle lens; it all comes down to perspective. The webcam’s automatic low-light correction lets you capture clear images and videos even in low or poorly lit situations.

The webcam also comes equipped with two built-in noise-canceling digital microphones. These microphones capture your voice clearly in stereo audio and send it across smoothly and clearly while eliminating any background noise.

This webcam is pretty easy to mount and can just about be mounted onto any device like your laptops, monitors, and tripods. It is compatible with operating software and works great with gaming and video conferencing apps. Unfortunately, this webcam does not have image stabilization.

  • Real-time autofocus
  • Full-HD 6-layer coating lens
  • Dual built-in noise-canceling digital microphones
  • No Image Stabilization

2) Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam Review


Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam Review

The LifeCam Cinema Webcam is a webcam by Microsoft for Business World. It is quite ideal for video conferencing and retails for around $44, which falls perfectly under your $50 budget. This webcam isn’t built like your regular webcams. It has an aluminum rounded figure body that sits on a super adjustable stand which not only supports the webcam but also rotates 360-degrees, making adjusting the webcam super easy. The aluminum makes the webcam lightweight.

It even sports a high-quality glass lens that gives you accurate colors. It has a decent 720p resolution and a smooth frame rate of 30 fps, giving you smooth videos and clear photos. The webcam’s autofocus works decently, but some users face some issues with it. You even get pretty great photos and videos in low lighting situations. This is because of the Clear Frame image-processing technology, which the webcam comes equipped with. 

When you look at the webcam, you can notice the microphone that sits on top of the webcam. This microphone has noise-canceling technology that works pretty well, and it sends across your voice clearly and cuts out as many ambient sounds as it can.

It has a couple of software like Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker, which give you tools for editing and various kinds of controls. The webcam is not very easy to mount on your devices such as monitors and laptops; this is because of the stand’s bendable angle. As they have to find the right angle to mount, many users find that the mounting process takes some time.

  • 360-degree swivel stand
  • Light in weight
  • Great microphone
  • Difficulty in mounting

3) NexiGo N60 Webcam – Best Webcam under 50 Review


NexiGo N60 Webcam Review

The NexiGo N60 is a moderately priced webcam that retails at around $40 and fits right into your $50 budget. For a budgeted webcam, it has a Full HD 1080p resolution at a frame rate of 30 fps. It also boasts of a 3.6mm glass lens. Together all of that gives your images and videos clarity and is perfect for indoor use.

It is also a wide-angle webcam. The wide-angle of the webcam has users split in opinion. Many users find the wide-angle of the webcam too disturbing as a lot of the background is visible and gives it an awkward angle, while many feel that the wide-angle works for them and fits them in their frame well. But it all comes down to preference.

The webcam can be easily mounted to your monitor, laptop and even your tripod. The webcam comes with USB 2.0/3.0, and it is truly plug and play. All you need to do is plug the USB into your device, and you’re good to go.

The webcam also comes with a privacy cover that can open and close and protect the lens and your privacy. The webcam comes equipped with a single integrated noise-canceling microphone that collects your voice nicely, reduces any background noise and doesn’t let the noise get through. It works great for your regular video conferences, zoom or skype meetings, online school, etc. However, with this webcam in bright environments, users face over-saturated colors.

  • Privacy slide included
  • 1080p at 30 fps resolution
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone
  • Over-saturated colors

4) NexiGo N660 Webcam Review


NexiGo N660 Webcam Review

The NexiGo N660 is a sleek looking budget webcam with all the features you would want in a webcam for regular use. It has a maximum resolution of 1080p at a frame rate of 30fps and autofocus, which produces videos with clarity and sharpness and even sports a glass lens. It comes with a privacy shutter that flips open and close, which protects not only your privacy but also your lens from dust and particles.

The most distinct feature about the webcam is its 110-degree Field of View that allows you to capture a wider area and ensure nothing gets missed. It has two integrated microphones, which are equipped with noise-canceling technology, that work really well in collecting your voice and sending it across without any of the background noise.

The NexiGo N660 works with a USB 2.0, and it truly lives up to its name of ‘Plug and Play’. All you gotta do is plug the USB into your device, and you are ready to go. It is compatible with various operating software and video conferencing avenues like zoom and skype. Sadly, it doesn’t have image stabilization.

  • 110-degree field of view
  • Dual noise-canceling microphones
  • Great compatibility
  • Has no image stabilization

5) AngeTube Streaming 1080p HD Webcam Review

AngeTube Streaming 1080p HD Webcam Review

The AngeTube Streaming 1080p HD webcam is a bit on the higher end of your budget. However, for a budgeted webcam, it offers many features and excellent specs. The most prominent feature of this webcam is its integrated ring light.

The integrated ring light comes with three brightness levels that give the user the freedom to decide which three levels work for them as per their convenience and surroundings. In dark environments, the ring light reduces the grain texture that many webcams face and brings out the details in the video.

Aside from the apparent ring light, it has a 1080p resolution with a 30 fps frame rate. Both of which give you videos and images with clarity and also a smooth stream if required. It also comes equipped with autofocus that is accurate enough and works nicely. For a camera under a budget, this comes with H.264 compression encoding, which enhances your video recording, making it smoother and more precise.

This webcam can be used for your daily work like video calls and conferences and also can be used for streaming. It is pretty compatible with live streaming software like Xsplit and Mixer. It is also plug and play on Xbox One.

The AngeTube Streaming also comes with two built-in noise-canceling microphones, and that’s not all; they also have an amplifier chip that improves the voice quality making it crystal clear while not letting any background noise get through. It can even pick up your voice from 3 meters away. Unfortunately, this webcam doesn’t come with image stabilization.

  • Built-in Ring Light
  • H.264 compression encoding
  • Noise-canceling microphone with amplifier chip
  • No image stabilization


To conclude, when choosing a webcam under a budget such as $50, the webcam is not going to be perfect; you are bound to find cons. It is all about finding the one that fits your need. If you find out what you want from your webcam, you’re on the correct track to making the right decision. We hope that you will be able to make the right decision on your webcam with this article.

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