Do Smart TVs Have Cameras? If yes, Is It a Risk?




Do Smart TVs Have Cameras

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No one would have ever thought that Artificial intelligence would evolve radically. The things that seemed impossible sometimes have now been made happen. TVs have become more advanced than one can think. 

They’re no more like their old version, which used to be a box with a small piece of the screen with it. But, one question that I always get asked is that DO smart Tvs have cameras in them? 

People are afraid that they’re being captured secretly by the hidden camera in their smart TVs. So, is it really possible for smart tv to have a camera hidden inside it? 

These questions are the most frequent you’re going to get the answers to. Be sure you read the article entirely so you don’t complain when you skip something essential. 

Without further delay, let’s make our way to the topic.

Do Smart TVs Have Cameras?

Now comes the most critical part that you all are looking forward to, which is to know whether your smart TVs have a camera or not. 

So, the simplest answer is, yes, they may be equipped with cameras. The cameras are usually placed in such a position that you can’t normally see them. To see them, you’ll have to look attentively.

How To Find The Camera In Smart TVs?

Do Smart TVs Have Cameras

Now, another question may hit your mind: how would you know that your TV has a built-in camera? There are several ways to determine whether or not your television includes a built-in camera.

The first approach to look into it is to check if your television includes a built-in camera and if it has a capability for facial recognition or video conferencing apps like Skype. 

Because usually, these sorts of apps require to have camera access to work. Therefore, if they’re on your tv, it means there must be a camera as well. 

1) Check The Bezels Of Your Tv

Another way you can check the camera of your smart tv is by closely looking at the bezels of the tv. You’ll surely find it there, Because, Cameras are often mounted in the top or bottom bezels (the frame that surrounds the screen). However, they can be seen on the left or right sides on occasion. 

2) Check The Settings Of Your Tv

You can even check the setting of your tv and see if there is an option for a camera. If there is, then certainly your tv does have a camera in it. There is another easy way of finding the camera of your smart tv. 

By flashing light from a small flashlight or your phone, you can typically find cameras. The camera lens will reflect this, making it easier to notice. Isn’t this trick amazing? 

3) Go Through The Guidelines of Your Tv

Usually, when you get your eyes on tv, it comes with some guidelines in the writer which are to guide you on how to use the tv. If the camera is built into the tv, then it must be noted in the guidelines. 

Because the manufacturers make sure that they’re telling the user enough about their tv so that they don’t end up messing something up, So, go through the guidelines completely and see if you find something mentioned there about the camera.

4) Google The Name of Your TV

The easiest method of identifying whether your smart TV has a built-in camera or not is to google the model of your TV, and you’ll probably get the answer. You can do it fro two ways.

1) head over to the official site of the manufacturers of the tv and look for the model that you’ve got your eyes on. 2) Or directly search the name and the model of the tv on the internet. There’s a good probability you’ll obtain the answer.

Now, you’re aware of how you can know whether or not your TV has a built-in camera. But, the question is, 

Is It a Risk To Have a Camera On a Smart Tv?

What if you found out that your tv has a built-in camera that you didn’t know about. Is it something you should be worried about? In 2018, Consumer Reports published an article claiming that smart TVs were vulnerable to hacking.

Even the FBI stepped in, advising smart TV owners to think about the security risks associated with such gadgets.

All smart TVs and media content apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ use automatic content recognition (ACR) to keep track of what you’re watching.

They collect and sell this data to advertisers, who use it to choose which advertising you see. You may disable ARC tracking in your options, which is useful.

Many recent versions forego cameras in favor of voice activation technologies built in to the television or remote control. Smart TVs can also be connected to Alexa or Google Home devices. You can also disable voice activation in your settings.

However, Smart TVs with cameras typically feature a movable or retractable cover. When not in use, a retractable camera may be slid back into the TV, ensuring that you are not being seen.

But, if you’re someone who thinks that the camera of the tv can really disturb your privacy and make it public. Then you can either go for using that old school tv that doesn’t have an internet connection. Or you can follow some steps to protect yourself from the cameras.

Ways to Protect Yourself From The Camera Of The Tv

1) Cover The Camera With Something

This is the easiest and the best method of keeping yourself from being not captured by the tv’s camera. YOu can put something on the camera to cover it up so that it can’t capture you secretly. You can do it with a specially designed cover for webcams or you can use a piece of tape to do so as well.

2) Reset the Password of The Tv

When the hackers hack your tv, they get complete access to each and everything including the passwords. So, if you change the password then you stop hackers from accessing your tv. It’ll be difficult for them to have your tv again and then get the access back. So, change the password.

3) Update The Privacy Settings

There must be some bugs or viruses that someone may have used to hack your tv. So, confirm that your tv has an updated version. All of the privacy settings are updated properly. If not, then do that so that the updates can fix the vulnerabilities from the tv.

If you have any confusion in mind then put it down and I’ll be there to help you out.

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