How to Record on a Canon Camera?




How to Record on a Canon Camera

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After being a photography master with your DSLR, now learn how to record on a Canon camera like a pro.

Do you wish to record on your Canon Camera but don’t know how to do so? If that is the case, you needn’t worry anymore since you have landed yourself at the right spot! To begin shooting with your Canon camera, you’ll need step-by-step instructions, and we’ll provide you with exactly that. 

We all love how the still pictures of a DSLR come out. The resolution, quality, and hues of the picture all together make them a beautiful image to upload if taken professionally. 

Now if you are already a skilled photographer and have plans to expand your expertise in the world of videography then wait no more. If you are a Canon camera user, then to learn recording this article is all you need.

This stepwise guide on how to record on a Canon camera and your learning dedication will lead you to a whole new amazing level. Anyways, without getting any late let’s jump on the easy peasy 8 steps:

  • Set the mode to the video:

First of all, to record a video you have to set the dial of your camera to video mode. This will show you the screen with the default settings or the settings set previously on the camera. 

To begin with, you need to change the current ‘camera mode’ of your canon camera to ‘video mode’. Once you turn the mode dial on your camera to Movie mode, your camera will record videos and you can preview your shot on the camera screen. To control screen clutter, press the display button to select your data display mode.  

To create a suitable setting, press the menu button. Here you can select the quality level you want to use to record the video.

  • Set the frame rate and resolution

Selecting the main menu and then the quality of the video, you can set the frame size, aspect ratio as well as the frame rate of the screen.

The options such as 1080 or 640 can be used to set the resolutions for the video. 1080p, with a frame rate of 25 or 24 is selected to record cinematic, or streaming quality videos. Once you’re in the ‘movie mode’ of your camera, you can further make adjustments so that your recording turns out to be just what you want it to be. To adjust the frame rate and resolution of your canon camera, follow these steps: 

  • Check if you are still in the video mode of the camera. 
  • Hit the menu button, and move onto the movie settings submenu. 
  • Click ‘recording size’ to get access to different frame rates.

You will see different frame rates for the 60d. For instance, there are 30 frames per second, 24 frames, and 60 frames. 24 and 30 give the highest resolution with the best image quality. Whereas, 60 will have a reduced resolution with compromised image quality. 

  • Use manual focus

Becoming an expert is not easy, so we should avoid shortcuts and learn the actual important feature. Although for ease you can use the auto-focus function, you must also know the importance of manual focus.

The manual focus feature helps you to record the video according to your idea. This can be set by flipping the small switch on the lens side labeled as MF. 

After switching to MF, turn the focus ring to focus on the needed object. Next, switch to manual focus on your canon camera. On the side of your lens, search for labels ‘AF-MF’, and hit the MF button which is short for manual focus. 

  • Manually control sound levels:

The sound recording level of the camera can be adjusted by selecting the menu and then “mic level”. Choose the manual option indicated by M, and then increase or decrease the sound as required. You can adjust the sound recording levels manually to one of the 64 levels. Select the desired level and turn the dial to adjust the sound accordingly. When the level meter lights up ’12’ or (-12 dB), sounds will be the loudest. If it goes beyond ‘0’, sound distortion will occur. 

  • Adjust the shooting style and white balance

When it comes to the shooting style having the best possible option is necessary. To avoid the faded or extra exposed color and get the actual color, you must on and set the white balance of the camera. 

If you want to adjust the manual WB in the camera and not use the auto one, then there is an option available for white balance to fit the light source manually. Hit the menu and select ‘shooting style’ options and select the style of your choice. For white balance adjustments, press the white balance button on top. Simultaneously, rotate the dial at the rear end of the camera to achieve a custom white balance.

  • Set up an external microphone

As many cameras including the Canon camera do not offer a high-quality built-in sound system, it is preferred for a videographer to attach an external commercial mic with the camera. This will improve the sound quality a ton.

Find the sound settings in the sound recording option under the shooting mood. To achieve a more ‘professional’ shoot on your canon, set up an external microphone. Once you have it in hand, go to shoot settings and press the ‘sound record’ option. You may then scroll down and set your recording levels accordingly. 

  • Adjust the neutral density filters

Another important tool to pay attention to is the neutral density filters which prevent extra light from coming to the lens without damaging the original colors or image. Using the appropriate filter for your canon camera model will definitely give a cinematic visual to your recording. Select the ND filter of your choice. This will reduce the light entering your camera. Hence, set a new shutter speed depending on the exposure time. 

  • Time to shoot

The timing of recording a video and the sequence of the shooting is also important. It is the main quality of an attractive and interesting video that it does not have prolonged scenes with the same sequence. 

Canon camera allows a good space and features to maintain the quality and record the video with plenty of setting options. 

Once you have reviewed the steps and adjusted your Canon camera accordingly, it’s time to record your video. Your camera is now ready to give you your desired recordings. 

How to record on a Canon camera?


How to Record on a Canon Camera

When it comes to taking photographs, there are a few rules you need to know about keeping your vision clear. For one thing, you can’t just take photos that are blurry, out of focus and out of focus. Your camera has to be able to record your images so you can recognize them on future efforts. 

The best way to ensure that your images are clear is to check the shoot settings before you get to the shoot. You can read more about check the settings before you get to the shoot in this guide. So how do you check the settings before you get to the shoot on a Canon camera? 

You need to look for a record button. If it isn’t there, then you need to look for a cameraatic shutter option. If you can’t find a record button on your camera, then you need to look for a shutter option that records photos in unable to omit conditions. There are many different options available so it’s important to check what works for you.

Cameraatic Shutter

If you want to capture images that show a wide range of colors and lighting conditions, then a cameraatic shutter is what you need. It’s a setting that records the entire duration of light from the sun. This is the best way to ensure that your images are clear and that you can identify the colors that you’ve captured.

Shutter Speed

Your camera has to be able to record images with a slow shutter speed. This is ideal for when you’re taking photos of wildlife or close-ups. A slow shutter speed helps to prevent the flare that can occur when you’re shooting at longer ranges.


Your camera is only as good as your memory. It’s important to clean that memory and record as many images as possible with the best setting for the shots you want. Make sure that the shots you record are clear, you can identify the colors that you’ve captured, and you can be consistent in your shooting. You can access the camera app to adjust the settings that are recorded by your camera and take advantage of the available record button.

Following all these steps to record a video, personal creative skills, and a lot of practice can make you a professional in recording with your canon camera. Good luck with recording with your Canon camera! In case of any further confusion, feel free to reach out. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a record button?

A record button is a button on your camera that, when depressed, will cause your camera to record the event that triggers the button to light up. When you’re ready to take your next photo, press the button. This will cause your camera to shoot an image that contains the event that triggered the button to light up. This is the best way to ensure that all of the individual events in your images are captured and recorded.

Can I Change the Shutter Thumb Lever?

Yes! You can set your camera to record a thumb release if you want to change the focus of your images. This will allow you to select your subject and move them out of the frame. If you want to add a new subject to your images and want to change the focus of your shot, you can always go back to the edit screen and change your settings to ‘normal’.

How Long Does a Record Button Take?

As with all digital cameras, you’ll need to record at a minimum of 12 hours for a single-shot photo. If you want to take an image that covers a longer period of time, you’ll need to record at 16 or 24 hours.

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