How To Use iMac As Monitor For Mackbook Wireless

Sometimes, we need another display for our work or to expand our team. If you have enough knowledge, you can wirelessly connect the iMac to your MacBook. 

iMac or Macintosh is an assistant division of Apple. Inc, primarily established to construct Mac computers. The devices first became popular among the Millenials in January 1984 and since then have been preferred as personalized desktops. The MacBook is a recent third-generation laptop, which was famous in early 2006/2007.,Many people prefer Macbooks over other laptop brands due to their higher resolution and excellent touchpad services. Apple users inquire substantially about how to use the iMac as a monitor for laptops or MacBooks wirelessly?

The view is because several users prefer working on the iMac screen as a mirror for MacBook.The standard screen size of the iMac ranges from 23.5 inches in updated versions and 27 inches in older versions which gives you an immense and broader visualization. However, the MacBook range from a 13inch screen to a 23.5-inch screen but gives you a higher resolution. Thus, visualizing and observing through Imac is way more reliable and working on a MacBook is beneficial at the same time.

Can I Use The iMac As A Monitor For MacBook Wirelessly?

Numerous ways on the internet can assist you in screening share or using iMac as a  monitor for a laptop or MacBook.If you have the older version of iMac and want to screen share it into the monitor, you need a thunderbolt cable. First and foremost, connect both devices with a thunderbolt cable and keep both devices switched on.

From then on, press the key F2 on the iMac to use the target display. The chances are that Imac must now be viewed as a monitor, but some key functions are different, so if this process does not work, select FnF2 to access the target display if the keys are conventional. Once you are finished, press the F2 key to a rebuke from the target display for further work.

However, converting the iMac to monitor in conventional MacBook is not possible without a thunderbolt cable wirelessly. The most straightforward way to use monitor modification wirelessly is to enable screen sharing through

internet and wireless options. Enter the screen sharing bar on Macbook, then access the finder on the iMac.Then, find your MacBook in the option and connect it from there.

How To Use As A Monitor For MacBook Wireless 2023

How To Use iMac As Monitor For Mackbook Wireless

Apple is famous for numerous updates and revelations now and then. Like in the new macs, the company has removed the target display options. So how can anyone screen share or covert the iMac monitor through MacBook? And in a general sense, how to screen share if the target display mode is not working.

First of all, access the Apple menu, then select system preferences. After that, click the FnF2 command keys as they are typically used for an alternate to target display. This solution can be applied to devices that cannot access the target display. If you cannot access screen sharing through this pattern and want to select the target display only, restart both devices. Unplug and plug afterward any cord or cable connected to the devices. Then, proceed to view the target display mode, and if you are still unable to find it, use the latter process mentioned.

Can You Use iMac As The Monitor For Macbook Pro Wirelessly?

This query arises very often does Imac connect to MacBook pro wirelessly? That is not possible without the thunderbolt cable because the screen sharing and mirroring are mainly supported through iMac.The simple method of connecting the thunderbolt cable from the iMac to the thunderbolt port of the Macbook might prove to be effective. Use the “2” command key and enter display mode to access the desktop through Imac.

How To Use iMac As A Second Monitor For MacBook?

Many people are looking to connect and use MacBook as a second monitor on multiple devices through iMac. This ensures multitasking efficiently covers all of your work or entertainment purposes through a particular device. 

In using more than one iMac as a monitor through MacBook, a thunderbolt cable is necessary. Connect the iMacs to the thunderbolt cable and connect those cables to the thunderbolt port connected to MacBook.Select the command F2 key on the top of the iMac keyboard. From there on, you will be able to observe the desktop of your Mac. Before moving on, there would be target display mode appearing; press F2 to resume and function the iMac as a second monitor for MacBook properly.

Target Display

An iMac specialized feature enables the screen to task as an external monitor for other Macbooks or computers. This particular function is only available on thunderbolt-based Imac launched after 2010. The target display mode can easily be accessed through the Apple menu’s system preference. macOS Mojave later replaced the function in early 2014. The function was quite popular in converting the iMac as a monitor for MacBooks device; however, it required a lot of cable and wire pods which were removed after that.

How To Mirror Display macOS Mojave Supported Devices?

Most of the new iMac released are macOS Mojave supported devices, which may confuse the conventional Apple user on how to screen share on such devices. You can simply access the Airplay destination from where you can select the Mirroring option and connect any device such as MacBook, smart Tv, computer wirelessly.


The Apple devices have supported screen sharing for a considerate period and monitored iMac through MacBook via Thunderbolt. The updated version is set to change this course through the internet as MacbookP1 and MacBook pro is supported to connect through screen sharing wirelessly provided that the internet is connected. Although the upcoming systems might or might not support such functions, that is a question that will be answered through Apple’s organization


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