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These days, not just you but a lot of people looking for ways to save money from buying an expensive webcam, and why shouldn’t it be? Because a regular webcam comes minimum in the price range of 50 to 80 bucks. Not all of us are willing to pay that much to attend some zoom meetings or online classes. Here we have found the best option that is less expensive and gives a better quality than a regular webcam. All you need to have to use an iPhone as a webcam, an iPhone mobile, or iPad with a working camera; front or back both work fine. However, we recommend the back camera as you know it is considered the main camera of a phone. You will need these things also, Epocam app, install it on your mobile phone, 2. kinoni driver on your PC.   Let’s straight dive into the guide and see how to make this possible.

Things that are required.

  • Epoccam app, download from the ios app store on your phone or tablet.
  • Visit Kinoni’s website to download drivers for epocam on your PC, Windows, or Mac. 

Epocam app for iPhone

It is an application for connecting your iPhone camera to your computer. It comes in two versions; Free or paid. As you can guess, the difference already, a free one has some ads inside the app, and the paid one is entirely free, which means no ads. It costs around 8$ per month, I guess.

Driver for your computer

It’s a driver you must have to download on your PC to run the app. Without this, the app wouldn’t work. However, You might already be familiar with how a driver works-it adds some files into a computer to support external devices. And for connecting, there are two ways, either use a cord or wireless connection. By the way, using the cord instead of wireless will give you a better experience, for the reason that a wireless connection often gets interrupted.

how to use an iPhone as a webcam (Step by Step guide)

Just follow the images with the steps showing in there. You will find it a lot easier than you might’ve expected it to be. Let’s get to it!

1) Install Epocam App

Install Epocam App

The first thing comes first, head over to the app store and search for “Epocam app.” You will see two different apps icons with the same name as we’ve told about them earlier. Choose and choose which one you would like to use. The app with the green Icon is free so expect some ads inside it, and the red icon is the pro version with no ads, preferably the best choice is there to go with the premium version, 8$ is not much expensive if you think you will go longer with this process. Anyways after downloading it, and leave it un open for now.

2) Download drivers on your PC

Download drivers on your PC

Visit the website. The link is mentioned above. You will land on a page similar to that showing in the image. Next, click on the left side box, scroll down and choose the app. Obviously, in this case, you will need to select the epocam. Secondly, from the right box, choose the operating system of your computer. Click to Download button a little down you can see, and the file automatically gets into your PC. What to do with this? Let’s see in the next step. By the way, we will be using here the Mac OS.

3) Install it on your system

Install it on your system

When you get the file on your computer, navigate to the folder where it is located. Most often, it will show on your download folder, so first check there; it will save you time to looking around for the file. So Once you catch the file, click on it, it will ask you to install it to use it, do it. The process is going to be much easier, simple as just you will to click on the next steps, agree with the terms, and put your password if asked to get it done. At this moment, you’re almost done, so don’t lose focus. There are just a few more clicks left to go.

4) Use a Cord to connect your mobile and computer

Use a Cord to connect your mobile and computer

It’s time to cook the recipe as we have all the ingredients already on our hands. In order to connect your iPhone to your pc, you will need to have a data cable. It is like putting your mobile on the charge where your system is the power supply.  However, there is another way to do this; using wireless connectivity. If you want to go with this method, turn on the hotspot from your iPhone and let your system catch the network by turning on the wifi, write down your password and you’re ready to go. It’s no more different than connecting a wifi network. At this stage, your system should be linked to your phone’s camera. Try opening the app that we’ve installed on our first step. A word of advice, don’t mess around any settings. For now, use it on its default settings.

5) Set the maximum camera resolution

Set the maximum camera resolution

When you open up the app, the camera will automatically get turned on, and at the same moment, your pc will catch the screen with the camera opened up just as you’re using a webcam. However, by using the app> go to settings just for increasing the resolutions. Keep it high as it could be, some advanced options will be showing there like switching camera back to front is also doable. For a better experience, place your mobile camera-positioned at the best place possible, that is on the top of your system. Take advantage of your new unique webcam, attend zoom meetings, take online classes. There is nothing to worry about. 


Unlike using a webcam, when you connect your phone’s camera to a webcam, there are a few best practices to follow up. Like always, turn on airplane mode, so no one can call you when you’re in a meeting. Otherwise, the connection might break, or the worst, the caller ID, will be shown to the people watching your streaming. Secondly, always keep the screen time to maximum, because if you don’t do that, the mobile screen will automatically turn off as usual, and the webcam will also get black. It’s the essential thing to do after finishing up the settings.

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