What Cameras do Professional Photographers Use?




What Cameras do Professional Photographers Use

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Looking for a good camera to enhance your video quality on Instagram reels or starting vlogging? Here is the insight into what cameras do professional photographers use.

Everyone seems to be on the social world these days, blogging and vlogging their daily life or sharing glimpses of their travel and work updates on Insta stories. Photography is no hardball, and you can even start right away with your smartphone.

But to get viewers and keep them engaged till the end of your video along with good content, video quality must be up to the mark too. For that reason investing in a professional camera is advisable. 

From mirrorless to DSLR, you will find thousands of camera models, so let us just solve the puzzle for you and have a look at some of the best professional cameras.

Best Professional Cameras

1. Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

 4K ultra HD resolution and dual autofocus camera are what make video shooting with this camera exceptional. This camera by canon is equipped with face and eye detection, so you or the subject always remain in focus. It has 5481 AF positions that can be selected manually. Also, the 3-inch touch screen is great to view your footage continuously while shooting. You can also connect the camera to act as a webcam and live stream if you like.

2. Panasonic LUMIX G85 4K

A powerful 16 Megapixel camera with 4K UHD resolution and 5 axis image stabilization are what makes this camera stand among the best. It has great focus and you can shoot up to 30 fps with it. Camera quality in low light is also impressive, and you get clear and crisp footage even in dim areas. With great features, it comes at a quite reasonable price which makes it one of the best picks.

3. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III 

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III

One of the best cameras for YouTube, this product by canon offers you a built-in live streaming feature with 4K UHD video resolution and electronic image stabilization so that your videos appear less shaky. The touch screen panel is easy to use and navigate, and 4.2x optical zooming lens and good focus, you can shoot your subject clearly without an issue. Another plus point is its compact size for vlogging on the go.

4. Minolta Pro-Shot 16

Minolta Pro-Shot 16

If you are a beginner and need a budget-friendly camera for photography, then this one is for you. With a 16 megapixel camera and 1080 p quality, you get quite an impressive video shooting. Also, it is equipped with 14 scenes mode along with optical image stabilization and 53x zoom.

5. Fujifilm X-S10

Fujifilm X-S10

With high-speed video recording and slow-motion playback, this mirrorless camera by Fujifilm is one of the best choices for vloggers and bloggers, powered by an APS-C sensor and optical image stabilization built into the body. It has impressive internal recording capability along with external recording via HDMI. Great autofocus and resolution deliver professional-quality video footage that the viewers will love.

Buyers guide: How to pick the best professional camera

Doing a little research before buying a professional camera for your videos is wise. To get the best-suited camera, you must keep these features in mind.

1. Video quality

Be it still vlogging or shooting video on the go, video quality holds prime importance. Your pixels must be clear and crisp, and the objects or places you are covering should appeal to the viewers in terms of picture quality. You may not require a 4K resolution camera for vlogging necessarily but at least a 1080P is a recommended choice.

2. Image stabilization 

Bloggers are generally moving, and that may cause the video to be shaky. To avoid shakiness, the camera must have an image stabilization feature. You can opt for optical image stabilization that the lens will do or electronic image stabilization, which is preferable for video shooting and gives more stable videos in real-time footage.

3. External recording

Another feature to have in the photography camera is an external recording monitor so that you can have a view of what is being recorded so that the video and image can be recorded on external memory through HDMI or USB connection, and you don’t have to worry about memory space on SD card running out on your camera.

4. Portability

When talking about video shooting on the go, the size and weight of the camera are also important factors to consider. You have to carry your camera on a stick or hand while walking and traveling, so it must be compact and lightweight so you can carry it everywhere without any hassle.

Why Professional Cameras are Used by Pro Vloggers?

What Cameras do Professional Photographers Use

Vlogging is a popular form of video blogging that allows you to tell stories through the lens of your smartphone or camera. Vloggers are individuals who create video blogs to showcase their personal and professional lives. If you’re interested in joining this growing community, you’ll need a camera that can capture video in high-quality.

You might be wondering why professional cameras are necessary to create a vlog. The answer is pretty simple. While any camera can capture video, not all cameras are created equal. A vlog is a specific type of video that focuses on storytelling, not just the technical aspects of video production.

The level of production in a video blog is highly dependent on the camera. Professional cameras are usually more expensive than their non-professional counterparts. However, in exchange for higher pricing, professional cameras are able to produce video that’s in high-quality. This article will help you understand vlogging, the need for professional cameras, and the top vlogging cameras on the market.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is the process of capturing high-definition footage with a smartphone or a camera and then sharing the footage on a variety of platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Vlogging can be used as a creative outlet, as a tool for professional growth, or as a marketing tool.

Vlogging can be done by anyone with a camera and a desire to share their life with the world. Vloggers are individuals who create video blogs to showcase their personal and professional lives. Vloggers include individuals in many different fields and professions, from doctors to entrepreneurs. Vlogging is a growing trend that’s gaining popularity each year.

What to Look for in a Vlogging Camera?

When it comes to purchasing a vlogging camera, you’ll need to thoroughly research the available cameras on the market. While there are a variety of cameras that are suitable for vlogging, not all of them will be right for you.

Before making a purchase, make sure you spend some time researching the different cameras on the market. Look at their specifications, and make sure they’re suitable for vlogging. Here are some important features that you’ll want to make sure the camera you choose has.

High-Quality Video: High-quality video is essential in a vlog. The level of production in vlogs is highly dependent on the camera. Professional cameras are usually more expensive than their non-professional counterparts. However, in exchange for higher pricing, professional cameras are able to produce video that’s in high-quality. This article will help you understand vlogging, the need for professional cameras, and the top vlogging cameras on the market.

H.264 Encoder: A camera that produces high-quality video is useless without a way to store the video. A camera with an H.264 encoder is able to store video on an external hard drive, a network, or the camera’s internal memory.

Touchscreen: A touchscreen is a useful feature in any camera. Being able to navigate through the camera’s menus, as well as record and playback videos, is a helpful feature.

Long Battery Life: Vlogging can be a time-consuming process. You’ll need a camera that’s able to capture footage continuously for several hours. Battery life is one of the most important features when purchasing a vlogging camera.


Hopefully, you got an idea about what you require for your video shooting and get the best one in your budget to capture the best footage for your viewers. The above products are the best professional cameras used by photographers, and you can kick start your photography journey or upgrade your video quality with any of these.

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