What Is My Monitor Size

Monitor size can be determined through different methods like searching it online or looking at the model number, or doing it manually by using a measuring tape. 

When you think about buying a new monitor, it is essential to know its size and other specifications for a better experience. The monitor size is measured from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner. Its measured in inches, so if you want to measure it manually, use measuring tape in inches. 

Most of us buy PCs depending on the mode but don’t know the exact size of the monitor. Today, we will give you a detailed answer to your question; what is my monitor size? Make it to the end to know more about your monitor size and different ways to determine it. 

How To Determine My Monitor Size?

What Is My Monitor Size

If you don’t know your monitor size and now want to know it for some reason, then check it in the manual. But if you can’t find it in the manual, use the measuring tape because it’s one of the easiest ways to measure. Use a tape in inches and start measuring from the top right corner to the left bottom corner but make sure to measure it from the screen, not from the frame, because frames are not included. 

Different Ways To Determine Monitor Size Without Measuring 

There are numerous ways to determine monitor size; if you don’t have a measuring tape or don’t know how to use it, you prefer using one of the below-given steps. 


Nowadays, Google is the most reliable platform that gives you information on every topic. There are hundreds of tools and websites that help you find your monitor size. To get your monitor screen size, simply type in the search bar “Screen Size of (Model Number)” it will provide you with different sites where you can find your monitor size.

Another one is to search on the brand’s official site, where you will find all the information about your monitor, including size. 

Computer Manual 

The computer manual is where you can find all the specifications of your computer or laptop. Monitor size is also mentioned there. 

Model Number 

All the computers have their specific model numbers written on their back, like Acer Aspire Z24-890-UA91 AIO; here in this model, the first two digits after alphabets indicate monitor size. In this 24 comes after the alphabet indicating that your screen size is 24 inches. Similarly, all the model numbers have distinctive scream sizes hidden in them, which we don’t know. 


If you have a brand new monitor, you must have its packaging. Check out the packaging box; all the information is written, such as monitor screen size, resolution, graphics, etc. 

Different Ways To Determine Laptop Screen Size 

The laptop is totally different from a computer because a computer’s components are not attached to it. But their functioning is the same. You can know your laptop screen size the same way as you have measured your computers’ screen.  Some of the ways to measure a laptop screen are as follow; 


The most basic way to determine the screen size is by visiting the brand’s official site, from where you can find each and everything related to it. If you can find it on their official site, then search it on the random sites where different random laptop and computer information is available. 

Determine Height And Width 

If you want to install a protective glass on the screen, measure the screen size in height and width. Most laptop screen sizes fall between 11 to 17 inches; it’s most probable that your laptop is also within this range. Ensure to measure it in inches; otherwise, you have to do it once again and measure it within the bezels. 

Measure Diagonal Size 

To get a more precise result, measure it from the top right corner to the left bottom corner inside the bezel. It will give a correct result and help you find the same as written on websites or in the model number. 

Checkout Laptop Back 

The laptop’s model number is written on the back of it, from where you can know about the screen size because, after alphabets, the first two numbers are your screen size. 

What Is The Best Monitor Size?

The best monitor size for your own use falls between 24 to 30 inches because using a big screen makes it easier to use and won’t need much focus. Bigger screens are more reliable for people who do work from their homes. These monitor screens have more options, work more precisely, and have better resolutions. You can do multiple tasks without lagging, while some screens lag because of low refresh rate or response time. However, these monitors are more efficient than any other. 

Guide To Choose The Best Sized Monitor 

Everyone has their own choice, and even the monitor size may differ depending on your work’s intensity. Here we have some guidelines that help you buy the best monitor for your work. 

  • Budget 

First, fix your budget in which you can afford the best monitor because monitor prices vary. It’s better to buy a monitor having a size between 20 to 24 inches because these types of monitors with bigger screens are more affordable and have better resolution. They are ideal for office work. 

  • Brand 

Buying monitors from reputable brands is better because they ensure the quality and serve you more with their uncountable functions. Nowadays, monitors of reputable brands come in an affordable range that everyone can buy. 

  • Bigger Monitor 

Monitors with large are preferable because they show pictures in better quality and have better resolution than small-sized monitors. Suppose you work as a video editor or edit images graphics. In that case, bigger screens help manipulate the number of pixels, or you can simply split the screen while editing to do it easily and quickly. 

Final Words

I hope you got your answer to your question; what is my monitor size? Determining monitor size is more straightforward and can be done by everyone; all you have to do is search it on the search engine or measure it with tape. 

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